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The Christian Science Association of the Pupils of Daniel L. Jensen, C.S.B.

Mr. Jensen had only one article published in our Church’s periodicals. It is titled “Challenging and Correcting Human Belief” and appeared in the May 13, 1967, Christian Science Sentinel — volume 69, page 800. You can find it in a bound volume (at your Reading Room, perhaps) or through the JSH-Online website.

Mr. Jensen’s Association addresses and summaries were written exclusively for his students and invited guests. In accordance with his request (printed on the cover sheet of these summaries) that those who received them agreed ” . . . not to circulate or copy, in whole or in part, this address.” Association summaries are not available to others. Click here for information concerning the proper disposal of such documents.

The TALKS shared here were originally circulated by the organizations to whom Mr. Jensen spoke. Though copies that have been circulated throughout the field during the intervening years have sometimes been found to deviate from his original text, the talks here are in accord with that original text.

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